Primary pre-salting routes


Binfield Road (B3018)
Bottle Lane
Church Hill
Church Lane
Forest Road (B3034)
Howe Lane (end at junction with Westley Mill (north exit))
John Nike Way
London Road (B3408) (including Wokingham BC section through to Coppid Beech Roundabout)
Popeswood Road
St. Marks Road (Popeswood Road to Terrace Road South)
Temple Way
Terrace Road South
Terrace Road North
Twyford Road


Bagshot Road (A322)
Berkshire Way (A329) (to borough boundary)
Binfield Road (B3018)
Birch Hill Road
Bracknell Bus Station
Broad Lane
Church Road (A3095)
Crowthorne Road (Part - Wildridings Road to Rectory Lane)
Crowthorne Road (A3095)
Deepdale - to bus turn round
Doncastle Road (West, including Link Road to Berkshire Way)
Downshire Way (Bagshot Road to Wokingham Road)
Easthampstead Road
Ellesfield Avenue
Ellesfield Avenue Bus Link to Wildridings Road
Great Hollands Road
Great Hollands Square bus turn round
Hanworth Road
Harmans Water Road
High Street (The Ring to Skimped Hill Lane)    
London Road (A329)
Market Street and bus station ramp
Millennium Way (A329)
Mill Lane (A3095)
Mill Lane / Wildrings Road Link Road (both carriageways)
Nine Mile Ride
Old Wokingham Road
Opladen Way
Park Road
Peacock Lane
Ralphs Ride
Rectory Lane (speed cushions)
Ringmead (sump traps)
Skimped Hill Lane
South Hill Road
The Ring (Easthampstead House to High Street including Police Station Loop)
Vigar Way
Warfield Road (A3095)
Western Road (through route only)
Wildridings Road
Wokingham Road (B3408) 


Bracknell Road (B3348)
Chaplains Hill
Dukes Ride (including Wokingham BC section through to Wellingtonia Roundabout) (speed cushions)
High Street (Speed tables)
Lower Broadmoor Road (Sandhurst Road to Chaplains Hill)
New Wokingham Road (North of Dukes Ride)
Nine Mile Ride
Old Wokingham Road
Sandhurst Road
Upper Broadmoor Road


College Road (Speed Humps)
Crowthorne Road 
Foresters Way (A3095) (salt in both directions)
High Street (A321)
Laundry Lane (including Surrey County Council section through to A30 London Road)
Marshall Road
Meadows Roundabout (A30/A321) (treated by Surrey County Council under agreement)
Owlsmoor Road - Rackstraw Road to Yeovil Road (northbound)
Rackstraw Road
Tank Road
Wokingham Road (A321) (including Wokingham Borough Council section through to Wellingtonia Roundabout)
Yateley Road (to Hampshire county boundary)
Yorktown Road
Yeovil Road


Ascot Road (A330)
Bracknell Road (B3022)
County Lane
Forest Road (B3034)
Harvest Ride
Jigs Lane North
Jigs Lane South (Park Road to Harvest Ride)
Kingscroft Lane
Maidenhead Road (A3095)
Newport Drive
Newell Green (A3095)
Sopwith Road
Warfield Street (B3034)
Westmorland Drive (speed cushions)


Bagshot Road (A322 - to borough boundary) 
Bagshot Road (B3020) (treated by Surrey County Council under agreement)
Bracknell Road (B3022)
Chavey Down Road (B3017)
Church Road (A330)
Cocks Lane (A330)
Drift Road (North Street to borough boundary)
Fernbank Road
Forest Road (B3034) (including Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead section through to Hatchet Lane)
Harvest Ride
Hatchet Lane (Forest Road including Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead section through to A330 Lovel Road)
Kings Ride (Swinley road to Borough boundary 80m east of Prince Albert Drive)
Locks Ride (B3017 - Priory Road to Chavey Down Road)
London Road (A329 - end at junction with Gainsborough Drive)
Longhill Road
Lovel Lane 
Lovel Road (A330)
Maidens Green (A330)
Mounts Hill (B383) (including Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead section)
New Forest Ride (salt Martins Heron railway bridge in both directions)
New Road
North Street
Pigeonhouse Lane
Priory Road (B3017)
Sheet Street Road (A332) (end at borough boundary 650m east of Peanut Roundabout)
Sunninghill Road (B383)
Swinley Road (A332)
Swinley Road (B3017)
Windsor Road (A332) (end at junction with Woodside Road)
Winkfield Lane
Winkfield Road (B383) (end at borough boundary 500m east of Cranbourne Roundabout)
Winkfield Row (B3017)