Broadmoor Hospital

Broadmoor is a specialist psychiatric hospital which provides assessment, treatment and care in conditions of high security. It is for men aged 18 and above from London and the South of England.

It’s one of 3 high secure psychiatric hospitals in England and Wales. The hospital treats people with mental illness and personality disorders who represent a high degree of harm to themselves or others. It is internationally renowned for its highly specialised care and research work.

The hospital underwent major redevelopment and a new site opened at the end of 2019.

Security within the local area

Broadmoor has rigorous internal security, but also works with local authorities and schools to make sure everyone in the surrounding area is safe. This includes regular meetings with Bracknell Forest Council, and the development of an emergency plan.

The hospital uses Thames Valley Alert, provided by Thames Valley Police, to notify local schools, residents and visitors of new information and actions to take in emergencies. The notification methods are reviewed and practiced regularly.

The Broadmoor Hospital siren

In 1952 sirens were put in place across the local area and were last activated due to an escapee in 1993. The sirens have since been decommissioned. Instead, Broadmoor Hospital is working closely with Thames Valley Police to use the Thames Valley Alert System, which is a modern way of sending out relevant information to residents in the local area. 

Sign up to Thames Valley Alert

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More information

Find out more about Broadmoor Hospital on the West London NHS Trust website.

Contact information

Joint Emergency Planning Unit


Phone: 01635 503535