Terrorism and threat levels

Information about terrorism and what the threat levels mean

If you are alerted to a firearms or weapons attack, stay calm, RUN or HIDE. Only when it is safe, TELL the police.

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Reporting suspected terrorism

If you suspect someone of being involved in terrorism in any way, or are suspicious, you should report it to people who can help.

You can remain anonymous and you may save lives.

You can:

You can remain anonymous and you may save lives.

Threat levels

There are 5 levels of threat, which are set by MI5 and the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre. The level they set is based on information gathered by intelligence services and the police about known, or suspected, terrorist plots.

Find out about current threat levels and what they mean on the MI5 website.

Current threat levels and what they mean

More information

You can also use the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) app to get the latest counter terrorism advice and updates.

  • Citizen Aid app to help with first aid in emergencies
  • What 3 Words to help find and share precise locations
  • Protect UK for advice preparing, evaluating and managing risks posed by terrorism