Bins and recycling

The council collects your bins.

To find out what day your bins will be collected, you can use our bin collection day finder.

Or you can call us on 01344 352000.

The bins are collected early in the morning.

It is best if you put your bin out the night before.

Put your bin out on the pavement near your home.

Normal rubbish - green bin

You can use your green bin for general rubbish.

General rubbish is things like crisp packets and bread bags.

Food bin

You can use your food bin for food rubbish. 

This is sometimes called a food caddy.

Food rubbish is things like banana peels.

Recycling - blue bin

You can use your blue bin for recycling.

You can put in plastic bottles - like milk bottles or shampoo bottles.

You can put cartons - like fruit juice and milk cartons.

You can put plastic packaging - like margarine tubs and yoghurt pots.

You can put cans - like drink cans or food tins.

You can put paper and card - like newspapers or flyers.

Glass recycling

If you can, collect your empty glass bottles and take them to a glass recycling point.

To find out where you can take your glass recycling, call us on 01344 352000.

Get help moving your bin

If you find it hard to move your bin to the pavement, you can ask us for help.

Call us on 01344 352000.