Council tax

Council tax is money we give to the council.

This money helps pay for things we need.

What council tax pays for

The money pays for education.

bin truck

It pays for collecting your bins.

And for keeping the streets clean.

Council tax letter

You will get a letter telling you how much to pay.

You usually need to pay on the first day of each month.

How to pay

There are lots of ways to pay.

You can pay by direct debit or standing order.

You can pay using our online payments system.

You can use your bank card to pay.

Just call this number: 01344 352007.

You can also pay by cash or bank card at the Post Office.

Take your council tax letter with you.

Discounts - or a lower price

If you are the only adult in your house, you might get a lower price.

You might get a lower price if you are disabled.

Or if someone you live with is disabled.


If you have any questions you can call this number: 01344 352011.

Or email