Changes to your electoral registration

You should tell the electoral services team if any of the following details change.

Your name

If you have changed your name through marriage or deed poll, you can tell us by emailing

In the email, include:

  • your previous name
  • your new name
  • your address
  • a scanned copy of evidence such as a marriage certificate or deed poll certificate

You can also re-register to vote with your new name on GOV.UK - register to vote.

Your nationality

If you have recently become a British citizen, then you can update your nationality through GOV.UK - register to vote.

If you are a dual nationality, including British (for example, British Italian) you should list yourself as British as this will give you the most voting rights.

Moved house

If you’ve changed address then you will need to register to vote again at your new property through GOV.UK - register to vote.

Make sure you add your old address when filling out the application form so we can remove you from the register at your old property and invite any new residents to register to vote.

Someone no longer lives at your house

If someone who is registered to vote at your property no longer lives at the address, or has died, you can let us know by emailing


  • your name
  • your address
  • the name of the person who no longer lives at the address

This will only update their electoral registration and will not update any other departments in the council.

Incorrect spelling of name

If your name is spelt wrong, you can email with the details so we can update this.

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