Proxy votes

A proxy vote is when you appoint another person to vote on your behalf.

A person can only be a proxy for:

close relatives (the spouse, civil partner, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, child or grandchild of the applicant)


up to 2 other people

The person appointed as proxy must be eligible to vote.

How to apply

Apply for a one-off proxy vote

To apply to vote by proxy for a particular election, fill in the application form.

Application to vote by proxy at a particular election or referendum

Apply for a permanent proxy vote

If you want to apply for a permanent proxy vote, there are different forms depending on your reason for applying.

You can find and fill in the relevant form on the Electoral Commission website.

Submitting your form

On all forms you need to provide your date of birth and signature. This is to prevent fraud. If you are unable to sign the form, contact the Electoral Services team.

You can email your completed form to, attaching a photo or scanned copy of the completed form.

Alternatively, you can:

  • post it
  • hand deliver it to Electoral Services at Time Square

The deadline for applications to be received is 5pm, 6 working days before polling day.

Emergency proxy application during an election

If you have a medical or employment emergency that occurs during the 6 working days before polling day, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy up to 5pm on polling day by submitting an emergency proxy form.

Apply to vote by emergency proxy based on disability
Apply to vote by emergency proxy based on occupation, service or employment

After your application

We will always confirm receipt of your application in writing. If you have not received confirmation within 10 working days, contact Electoral Services.

The election office will tell your proxy when and where they should vote on your behalf. This will be your usual polling station, unless your proxy has requested a postal vote.

Contact information

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