Bracknell Forest Community Network

Bracknell Forest Community Network (BFCN)

BFCN supports people aged 18 and over living with mental ill-health or experiencing stress, anxiety or low mood to develop their confidence, interests, hobbies, life skills and resilience.

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We support individuals and carers living with a variety of conditions including:

  • psychosis
  • personality disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • eating disorders
  • dementia
  • anxiety
  • depression

Based on the Lambeth Collaborative model and mental health recovery principles, our goal is to support individuals and their carers to:

  • remain socially included
  • better understand their mental health
  • prevent relapse
  • develop their confidence, life skills and resilience so they can live as independently as possible

We provide support for people who are:

  • over 18
  • live in Bracknell Forest
  • recovering from an episode of mental ill-health (primarily individuals accessing secondary mental health support)
  • “stepping down” from Community Mental Health Team support
  • at risk from suffering an episode of mental ill-health (preventative)
  • carers - helping them to access community assets and activities

Network Recovery Facilitators provide support on a short-term basis using the following techniques:

  • relationship building
  • graded exposure
  • confidence building
  • anxiety management
  • motivational interviewing

These techniques are used to help individuals and their carers to access and attend appointments about:

  • benefits
  • housing
  • education
  • volunteering
  • employment
  • social activities
  • life after BFCN support

Once this short-term support has concluded and their recovery journey has sufficiently progressed, their care is transferred back to their GP.

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More support

Mental wellbeing sessions

We have monthly mental wellbeing sessions for supported individuals and carers on their recovery journey with the BFCN or the wider Community Mental Health Teams. These sessions help attendees to better understand, and become accustomed to living with, a variety of mental health conditions.

They help provide individuals with an understanding of:

  • the challenges they face
  • personal coping strategies
  • internal and external resources
  • their own areas of strength so they can have more control over their conditions and have a greater capacity to work towards mental and emotional wellbeing

They are an excellent opportunity for personal growth and developing good relationships. This includes potentially forming a new support network with other attendees.

Open meetings

A key part of our ongoing development is to hold bi-monthly open meetings at the Bracknell Forest Open Learning Centre. In our open meetings, individuals, carers and supporters are able to put their views across in an informal and comfortable setting.

Co-production is a big part of the meetings with attendees giving their input into the development of the meetings and the BFCN as a whole.

Carers support group

In partnership with our dementia advisory service, we have set-up a weekly carers support group aimed at carers of older adults who are presenting with the early stages of dementia. The group caters for about 20 people and provides carers with education and information as well as the chance to meet other carers.

Mental Health Forum

We work in partnership with Healthwatch Bracknell Forest to provide support for the development and ongoing implementation of the Mental Health Forum in Bracknell Forest.

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