Bracknell Forest Community Network (BFCN)

The BFCN works with partners in the mental health and wider health and care systems.

Our aim is to support individuals living with a range of mental health conditions to remain socially included by better understanding their mental health and supporting them in preventing relapses.

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Recovery Facilitators

Our Recovery Facilitators work with individuals to develop their:

  • confidence
  • life skills
  • resilience

Based on the Mental Health Foundations Recovery Model our service offers a person-centred approach to mental health. Recovery is about people staying in control of their life despite their mental health challenges.

Recovery Facilitators can help individuals with:

  • developing a meaningful routine by accessing community activities
  • trying new things and exploring interests
  • socialising with others and developing relationship skills
  • becoming part of the BFCN community
  • learning ways to manage emotions 
  • building self-confidence

They provide support on a short-term basis – for roughly 3 months. They help individuals and their carers access and attend appointments in education, volunteering, employment and social activities.

They do this through:

  • one-to-one support for the individual
  • relationship building
  • a recovery plan
  • graded exposure to various services and community groups
  • confidence building at the individual’s own pace
  • anxiety management and support getting back out into the community
  • motivational interviewing encouraging independence

Once this short term support has finished, the referrer will be told about the progress made by the individual.  The individual will also get a follow-up call after 3 months to see how they are getting on.

Monthly wellbeing sessions

Monthly mental health wellbeing sessions are held for supported individuals and carers who are part of the BFCN community.

These help attendees to better understand a variety of mental health conditions.

They help individuals get:

  • an understanding of the challenges they face
  • knowledge of personal coping strategies
  • internal and external resources
  • an understanding of their own areas of strength to feel more in control of their condition
  • a greater resilience in order to work towards mental and emotional wellbeing

These sessions provide a great opportunity for personal growth. They can help develop good relationships including forming a new support network with other people that attend.

Open meetings

Open meetings offer individuals, carers and supporters the opportunity to listen to talks from community organisations and try new activities in an informal and comfortable setting.

We encourage everyone that attends to give their input and ideas in order to develop these meetings.


To be eligible you must be over 18 years old and a resident in Bracknell Forest and be either:

  • recovering from an episode of mental ill-health and want support with accessing more activities
  • stepping down from the Community Mental Health Team or the Community Mental Health team for Older Adults
  • at risk from suffering from an episode of mental ill-health
  • ready and able to access mental health recovery support and show a willingness to access groups or services in the community to help with this

How to make a referral

We accept referrals from organisations but you can also self-refer.

Fill out the referral form below and email it to or call 0118 904 6800 and we can email one out to you.

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Bracknell Forest Community Network


Phone: 0118 904 6800