Finding an affordable rental home

If you need a home, you may be able to join the BFC My Choice housing register and claim affordable housing.

BFC My Choice gives you the opportunity to:

  • register for housing in Bracknell Forest if you are resident in the borough and have lived here continuously for 4 years
  • find out about housing association properties which are available for letting
  • express an interest in a property that you would like to be considered for by making a bid

Join the register

To join the BFC My Choice register you must:

  • be eligible to live in this country and not subject to immigration control
  • have lived in the borough for 4 years or have been a member of the armed forces (or spouse) and apply for housing within 5 years of discharge
  • have an identified housing need

When you join the housing register, you will be placed into one of 4 bands, A to D, depending on your housing need. 

You will be told:

  • which band you are in
  • the types of property you are able to bid on, depending on family size

To find out more about how applications are prioritised, visit BFC My Choice.

Join the register from a mobile

Join the register from a desktop

Find a property

When a housing association property becomes available for letting, it is advertised on the BFC My Choice website.

Each year, approximately 300 housing association properties are available for letting. If you have an active housing register application, you can bid online. The 3 bids with the highest priority are sent to the housing association, who will arrange a formal offer and viewing of the property.

All housing associations require at least 1 week’s rent in advance. This could be in the region of £250 depending on the size of the property that you need. If you are nominated for a property you will need to have this money available before you can sign the tenancy.

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