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Applications to work with children, young people or adults at risk

A number of our jobs involve contact with children, young people or adults at risk. Other jobs involve access to data regarding children, young people or adults at risk. We have included extra measures in our recruitment process which safeguards their interests.

Employment history

Make sure that you give a full employment history in chronological order since leaving secondary education. Please include periods of any post-secondary education/training, part-time and voluntary work as well as full time employment, with start and end dates. Please provide explanations for periods not in employment or education/ training and reasons for leaving employment.

Declaring convictions

You will need to declare on your application any convictions which you think would later appear on a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) certificate, and would not be filtered out by the DBS as being irrelevant.

For those 18 or over at the time of the offence, an adult conviction will appear on a DBS certificate if all of the following apply:

  • less than 11 years has elapsed since the date of your conviction
  • you have had more than one offence
  • it resulted in a custodial sentence

For those under 18 at the time of the offence, the same rules apply, except that the elapsed time period is 5.5 years.

The same rules apply as for adult cautions (for under 18s these are known as ‘reprimands’ or ‘warnings’) except that the elapsed time period is 2 years.

You may be aware that under normal circumstances, some offences are regarded as “spent” after a certain period – however, where a DBS certificate is concerned, offences which might otherwise be “spent” can still appear on the certificate.

Offences such as the following will never be removed from a DBS certificate:

  • sexual offences
  • violence
  • terrorism
  • aggravated burglary/robbery
  • certain public order offences
  • offences under the Care Standards Act
  • offences relating to fostering, adoption and childminding
  • cruelty to children
  • causing death by reckless driving
  • firearms offences
  • some drugs offences

If you have a conviction for a serious offence and are not sure if it is on the list – and remember if it is on the list it will never be removed from a certificate and will appear in any DBS check – see the full list of offences on GOV.UK.

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