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e-books and e-audio

We offer hundreds of free e-books and e-audio books. You can access these on your computer, smartphone, tablet, e-reader or MP3 player, at any time. They won’t become overdue so you don’t have to worry about charges. There are also no charges on reservations.

You must be a member of Bracknell Forest libraries to use these services. Visit our joining the library page to find out how to become a member.

Please note that our e-books are currently not compatible with Amazon Kindle e-readers but can be accessed on the Kindle Fire tablet.

Benefits of e-books and e-audio

On e-books you can alter the size of print or colour scheme on your e-book. For example, white on black is useful for reading at night time or outside in direct light.

For e-audio books you can also speed up or slow down the speed of the books. You can also use the sleep function to set a time when it automatically switches off. This is great for listening in bed.

Find an e-book or e-audio book

You can search for e-books and audio books in our library catalogue by selecting 'eBook' or 'Audiobook' as the format in the advanced search option. Other e-books and e-audio titles are available.

e-book and e-audio suppliers

User guides and help


You can borrow 8 items for 21 days. The easiest way to use BorrowBox is to install the BorrowBox app on your tablet or smartphone. You can also download to a computer for listening and reading, or transfer to an e-reader such as a Nook or Kobo or an MP3 player or iPod.

Bracknell Forest BorrowBox user guide

BorrowBox - user guide (you need to log in to access this)

BorrowBox - Apple store app

BorrowBox - Google Play app

BorrowBox - Kindle Fire app 

To register with BorrowBox, for e+ cards beginning 633, please omit 633 and enter the remaining digits.

Still having trouble?

Each supplier has their own help pages. You may need to set up an account to access the help pages.

If you can’t find an answer to your query or you need help please use our e-books and e-audio enquiry form or call Bracknell Library on 01344 423149.

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