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Volunteer at your library

Why volunteer for libraries?

Your local library does many things and libraries benefit greatly from volunteer support. We value our volunteers for the additional services they help us to provide.

What you get

You will meet new people, gain experience and share your skills as well as learn new ones. You will make a difference in your community, because libraries make a big impact on everyone’s lives.

You will get training, and support from staff in the library service. You will have opportunities to influence your local library.

You can also enhance your skills for a job, college or university application.

What we get

We will get your experience, skills, knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm. Your appearance, communication skills and interest in helping people are important to us. The support you provide will enable us to increase activities in the library.

This will encourage more visitors to use the service.

Variety of roles

Women helping with computers

There are many voluntary roles in our libraries across different groups and activities. Most roles are available in each branch although opportunities in smaller libraries may be limited.

Most volunteers help with several activities while others choose to take on a specific role.



Descriptions of available roles are listed below:

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