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Strong, safe, supportive and self-reliant communities

strong, safe, supportive communities

Individuals and families take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing and safety while respecting the rights of others. Communities are active, get on well together, are well integrated and crime rates are low. Safeguarding services are coordinated to recognise the risks to young and vulnerable people which includes on-line exploitation.

Measures of success

The key measures of success are that:

  • levels of volunteering and community action in the borough are increased
  • high levels of community cohesion are maintained
  • there are low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour throughout the borough
  • safeguarding structures to safeguard children and vulnerable adults are well established
  • early assessment is in place to identify children and young people with additional needs and provide early help
  • joint planning between Thames Valley Police and Bracknell Forest Council is carried out on local activities

Performance indicators

The performance indicators are the:

  • percentage of the population who believe people from different backgrounds get on well
  • percentage of the population who believe that people in the local area treat each other with respect and consideration
  • participation in regular volunteering
  • overall level of crime
  • number of children in need - supported under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989
  • number of children on child protection plans
  • number of looked after children
  • stability of placements of looked after children in terms of the number and length
  • number of foster carers recruited to meet need
  • average caseload per children’s social worker
  • number of referrals to Early Intervention Hub
  • number of early help (Common Assessment Framework) assessments completed
  • referral rates to children’s social care
  • number of cases that step up to or step down from children’s social care
  • number of families turned around through the Family Focus project
  • time taken by Forestcare from request to install – new for 2017/18
  • number of lifelines installed - moved from people live active and healthy lifestyles
  • percentage of lifeline calls handled in 60 seconds - moved from people live active and healthy lifestyles