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At the appointment

You will need to provide the following information:

  • stillbirth certificate issued by the hospital or doctor
  • date and place of baby's stillbirth
  • full name and surname given to the baby
  • sex of the baby
  • full name and surname of the mother
  • maiden surname, and any other surname used by the mother
  • place of birth of the mother
  • mother's occupation
  • mother's address including postcode
  • full name and surname of the second parent (if entered)
  • place of birth of the second parent (if entered)
  • second parent's occupation at the time of the stillbirth (if entered)
  • second parent's home address (if entered)

The following information is required by law, but does not appear in the register:

  • date of birth for the mother and second parent (date for second parent only if his details are shown)
  • any other children born to the mother within marriage
  • if the parents are married, the month and year of their marriage

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