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Why your bin might have been missed

Where you put it

If your bin is not in the collection point, we may not have seen it. Collection points are usually at the kerbside of the nearest road to your house, as long as this doesn't cause an obstruction.

If you aren't sure where to put your bin for collection, please call Customer Services who can help.

When you put it out

Your bin must be out by 6:30am on your collection day. If your collection day is a Saturday or bank holiday, it needs to be out by 6am. If you put it out later, the collection team may have already collected from your road.

If you need to find out when your collection day is, please use our bin collection day finder.

What you put in it

If you put the wrong things in your bin, we will not collect your bin. The bin will be left and you will need to take the incorrect items out of the bin, and wait for the next collection.

If you are not sure what to put where please refer to our what goes in your bin page.

How much you put in it

If your bin is too heavy (over 75kg), our bin lorries are unable to lift it and crews cannot move the bin.

As a general rule if an adult struggles to move it, we will not be able to lift it. In this case, you will need to take some things out of your bin and either take them to the Longshot Lane and Smallmead Recycling Centres, pay for an extra collection or wait for the next scheduled collection.