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Renew your bus pass

The expiry date can be found in the middle of the card on the side that has your photo.

If the expiry date is less than a month away, you need to renew your pass. Please note that you cannot renew your pass more than a month in advance.

How to renew your bus pass

If your personal details have not changed and the photo on your pass is still a good likeness, you can renew:

If your surname or home address has changed, or you need a new photo, you will need to come in person and bring proof of your new address and/or surname with you.

How to renew a disabled person's bus pass

If you have a disabled person's bus pass to renew, please call us on 01344 352000 so we can assess whether you need to reconfirm proof of your disability. 

You will only be able to renew this pass at Time Square.

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