Flying drones and model aircraft

We currently have one open space in the borough where model aircraft or drones may be flown, which is at Priory Fields, Warfield.

To fly model aircraft or drones here, you need to get our permission before the flight.

Request permission

We will only grant permission where it can be shown that all legal and environmental requirements for safe flight can be complied with. You will need to supply us with a risk assessment and method statement. This needs to include:

  • details of the proposed site arrangements to make sure of public safety
  • evidence of appropriate insurance cover

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for:

  • making sure of the safe completion of every flight of your model aircraft or drone
  • preventing any person or their property from being endangered

This legal obligation applies regardless of whether we have given our permission for this activity.

These and many other rules for flying are strictly governed by the Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO). Owners should pay specific attention to the following:

  • 400ft (120m) ceiling height
  • 150ft (50m) distance from members of the public and property
  • 500ft (150m) distance from crowds and built-up areas
  • to keep their drone in direct sight at all times

A summary of the guidance is available in the Drone Code.

Communicating your flight to the public

All flights must be properly communicated to other members of the public on the day where photography or filming is being carried out. You must display a notice at the primary entrance to the site in use (normally next to the car park).

The notice must state:

  • the name of the remote pilot
  • the date and times of flight
  • contact details, such as a phone number or email address, to which any questions from the public about the flight arrangements or images captured can be directed

This procedure is intended to make sure that we do not have to unreasonably penalise or prevent the responsible use of public open spaces for the widest possible range of hobbies and activities, whilst making sure that all members of the public can also enjoy visiting natural open spaces in safety.

Council use of drones

We use drones on our own land for management purposes.

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