Flying drones and model aircraft

We currently have one open space in the borough where model aircraft or drones may be flown. This is at Priory Fields, Warfield.

To fly model aircraft or drones here, you need to get our permission before the flight.

Request permission

We only grant permission where it can be shown that all legal and environmental requirements for safe flight can be followed. You need to supply us with a risk assessment and method statement. This must include:

  • details of the proposed site arrangements to make sure of public safety
  • evidence of appropriate insurance cover

UK drone rules

The UK’s drone rules are based on the risk of the flight. This includes where you fly, the proximity to other people and the size and weight of your drone.

See the Introduction to drone flying and the UK rules guide from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Drone and Model Aircraft Code

Follow the CAA Drone and Model Aircraft Code to make sure you always fly safely and legally.

What it covers

This is for flying drones, model aeroplanes, model gliders, model helicopters and other unmanned aircraft systems outdoors in the Open A1 and A3 categories.

The Code covers everything you need to know to pass the test to get a flyer ID. This is the starting point for anyone wanting to fly a drone or model aircraft in the UK.

Main topic areas include:

  • getting what you need to fly legally
  • flying safely and responsibly
  • where you can fly
  • making every flight safe
  • protecting people’s privacy
  • getting a flyer ID before you fly
  • getting an operator ID before you fly
  • less common flying
  • drones and model aircraft in the law
  • taking the theory test

Council use of drones

We use drones on our own land for management purposes.