Public art in Jennett’s Park

Installation of chosen public art

The sculptures for Jennett’s Park community have now been installed. 

Kerry Lemon’s flying skylarks are in Peacock Meadows. Her artwork reflects the natural character of the site, as it depicts the beautiful birds that are known to nest in the meadows. A series of discrete bat habitats have been integrated into the structures. This enhances the biodiversity of the site and creates a symbiotic relationship between the work and its local ecology.

The dandelion and dragonfly sculpture is at Jennett’s Hill. This sculpture is by Circling the Square. It relates to the biodiversity of the surrounding landscape and environment. The public art at the formal residential Fulmar Square relates to the name of the square and provides a series of bird sculptures on columns showing the Fulmar in flight.

These new sculptures have been provided for the enjoyment of the local community. They are funded by the developers, as part of their obligation to provide public art works across the area.

Residents have helped to choose and refine the designs for the new public art. This is through a consultation run by the council, and a series of community engagement events and activities organised by the artists. Kerry Lemon’s smaller flying skylarks sculpture is called ‘Melody Rocket’, following a naming competition run with local schools.

Chosen artwork

The sites

The public artworks will be permanent features at the following locations:

Map of the four locations for the new artwork - two in peacocks meadow, one in Fulmar Square and one in Jennett's Hill