Temporarily close a right of way

You need to fill in our application form, and return this to us, to temporarily close a right of way.

Occasionally it may be necessary to legally close a right of way.

Reasons why it may be necessary to temporarily prohibit vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or both, along the highway include:

  • works are proposed to be executed on or near the highway
  • public safety grounds, or of serious damage to the highway

Anyone can apply to temporarily close a public right of way. Most applications are by utility companies (gas, water and electricity) also known as statutory undertakers, who carry out works to their services.

The application form below applies to all public rights of way, including footpaths, bridleways, byways or restricted byways in Bracknell Forest borough.

How to apply

Download and fill in the application form for a temporary traffic regulation order.

A separate application form is available to temporarily close a road or footway.

Types of closure

Up to 6 months (by order)

This requires completion of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) application under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 Section 14.

We issue this type of closure when a path will be closed for a maximum of 6 months. The Secretary of State needs to approve extensions beyond this period.

We need at least 3 months notice to enable an order and issue a notice.

The period of closure requested must allow for possible overrun. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to grant a late extension application.

You must state the maximum period that you expect the highway or right of way is to be closed. We will advertise this in any publicity we provide.

More guidance is given in the TTRO application form.

Up to 5 days (by notice)

We issue this type of closure when works taking place are on or near a public right of way. For the safety and convenience of path users, closing the footpath is necessary.

Temporary closure notices are for a period of up to 5 consecutive days.

We need at least 7 days notice before the path is closed to prepare notices.

Up to 3 weeks (emergency)

We issue this type of closure when a path needs to be closed for up to 3 weeks for emergency purposes.

We can promote a maximum of 2 consecutive emergency orders.


There are charges for temporary closures of rights of way.

Type Duration Fee What the fee covers
TTRO by Order Maximum period of a TTRO of 6 months. £817.04 (plus VAT) - fee excludes cost of 2 newspaper adverts, which need to be covered by the applicant
  • an initial site visit (if needed)
  • approval of a TTRO application including an agreed diversion route
  • drawing up a schedule for the process
  • notifications to interested parties
  • preparation of site notices
  • approval of temporary restriction or closure and diversion signing schedules and publicity plans
  • legal work for the preparation and making of the TTRO and notice
  • amendments to the original application
TTRO by 5 day Notice (subject to urgency) For a maximum of 5 consecutive days £179.96 (plus VAT)
  • an initial site visit (if needed)
  • approval of an application including an agreed diversion route
  • preparation of site notices
21-day ‘Emergency’ Notice (Can only be used when serious injury or risk to life is identified. A statement needs to be submitted with the TTRO application outlining the risk to the public) For a maximum period of 21 days. (If this period needs to be extended we need to be informed ASAP to get a further TTRO in place) £170.96 (plus VAT) As above but quicker turnaround likely required

Current cost is subject to change by administration and legislative changes.

Permanent traffic regulation orders (TROs) 

Permanent TROs are used to make rights of way safer.

These TROs include:

  • preventing vehicle access on byways
  • height and width restrictions 
  • overnight closures of paths

Permanent TROs on rights of way are listed in the definitive statement (PDF 236KB).

The fee to process a permanent TRO is £2,279 (plus VAT).

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