Temporarily close a right of way

If works need to be carried out which are potentially going to affect a right of way (such as works by utility companies) then the public right of way may need to be temporarily closed and a suitable diversion route provided.

This requires completion of a Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) application form.

The form is for use by applicants seeking a TTRO under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 Section 14.

This applies to any public highway (including road, footpath, cycleway or bridleway) in Bracknell Forest Borough, where a closure or restriction is in order to effect works on, within or adjoining the highway, or is necessary in the interests of public safety because of such works or other circumstances.

Please note, a separate application form is available to temporarily close a road or footway.

Notice period

For all TTROs we require a minimum of 3 months’ notice to enable an order and notice to be issued.

It is important that the period of closure requested is adequate to cater for any possible contingency as an extension applied for at a later stage cannot be guaranteed.

The maximum period that the highway or right of way is expected to be closed must be indicated, and will be advertised in any publicity given by the authority.

Please note that the maximum duration of an Order for a highway is 18 months and 6 months for a footpath or bridleway.


This is £713 for commercial and statutory undertaker applications.

Advertising in the local press will be recharged at cost. The cost of site notices is included in the fee.

Further guidance is contained in the TTRO application form.

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