Locally listed buildings

Bracknell Forest has a significant heritage of buildings and other features and monuments. These provide a link to our past and enrich our built environment. The most significant historic buildings are already protected by being statutory listed buildings. However, there are many less important buildings and structures that have some local historic interest and make a significant contribution to the local character.

In recognition of the importance of these buildings in the planning process we have adopted a Local List of Buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest. This is also known as a ‘local list'.

These buildings do not have the same statutory protection as listed buildings. However being on the local list designates a building or structure as a heritage asset and makes sure that its significance is taken into account when assessing planning proposals or applications for development.

The local list has been drawn up in consultation with parish councils and local and national amenity bodies.

Nominating a building

You can nominate buildings and structures for the list where they are of architectural and historic interest . They must contribute to the local character and distinctiveness of the borough.

Before nominating a building or structure, please read our guidance notes.

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