Challenge a parking fine

Informal challenge within 28 days

If you think you should not have to pay the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) you can submit an informal challenge.

You can challenge the PCN informally within 28 days of its issue. If you have received a Notice to Owner (NTO) you need to make a formal representation.

Please note that if you pay your fine within 14 days of its issue, the charge is discounted by 50%.

Make an informal challenge

If you are unable to make your informal challenge online, please write to:

Bracknell Forest Parking Services
PO Box 320
S98 1AP

Please quote the PCN number, vehicle registration and your address in all correspondence.

NLS Ltd. are authorized on the council’s behalf to accept or reject an informal challenge. You will be informed in writing of the result within 14 days of the date of receipt of your challenge.

If you do not challenge the PCN or pay the charge within 28 days (from date of issue), you will receive an NTO explaining the next stage.

If you have a general enquiry or require further advice, please phone 03330 068347.

Formal representation after receiving NTO

If after 28 days the fine has not been paid, an NTO will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. On receiving an NTO, there are 2 options:

  • pay the PCN
  • make a formal representation using the NTO form you have been sent or by completing the online formal representation form

Make a formal representation

On receipt of a NTO, the owner has 28 days to make a formal representation or pay the fine.

The NTO form itself details the legal grounds on which this formal representation may be made.

Formal representations will be carefully considered and are responded to in writing.

If the council agrees with you, you will receive confirmation in writing alternatively, you will receive a Notice of Rejection.

Charge certificate

After a NTO has been served (or after an appeal or notice of rejection has been served) the council can serve a charge certificate increasing the penalty by a further 50% if the penalty charge remains outstanding.

After a charge certificate has been served the penalty will be registered as a debt with the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court.

Once the debt is registered by the council, you will be sent a Notice of Registration and a Statutory Declaration form. £8 court costs are added to the debt at this stage.

Appealing against the notice of rejection

If you receive a notice of rejection you must either pay the penalty charge or appeal to an Independent Parking Adjudicator within 28 days.

The appeal must be made directly to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) by online submission. If you are unable to appeal online you may request a paper form from TPT. 

Appeal through the TPT

You may only appeal after your formal representations have been rejected. The adjudicators decision is final and binding on you and the council.

Adjudicators are independent and their decision is based on the evidence submitted by the council and by you.

Enforcement agents

On occasion where debts have not been paid then they may be passed to our enforcement agent.

At the point the debt is passed to the enforcement agent then NSL or the council are no longer able to intervene.

At this stage any correspondence, arrangement for payment or a payment plan must be in liaison with the enforcement agent directly. Despite the negative perception that enforcement agents have, they will want to work with you to resolve the payment of the debt.

For more information about enforcement agents visit:

Contact information

Customer Services

If you need to contact the council you can: