Home compost bins

The re3 waste partnership has an arrangement where Bracknell Forest residents can get composters, water butts and wormeries at competitive prices.

For information on prices and the products available visit the get composting website.

Downsize your bin

Residents can downsize their current general waste bin for a smaller one and receive a free composter.

Request a smaller bin

If you are registered with our recycling incentive scheme you may be able to redeem some of your reward points to buy a composter at a reduced price. 

Log into your account to find out more.

Food digesters

Food digesters turn cooked and uncooked leftover food, including meat, fish and bones, into nutrient-rich soil conditioner – no stirring or turning required.

You can find out more about food digesters (green cones) and how to order one on the Great Green Systems website.

Buy compost at recycling centres

re3grow is a peat-free compost, made from recycled garden waste.

The compost is available in 40 litre bags and can be bought directly from the Meet and Greet teams at recycling centres in Longshot Lane, Bracknell and Smallmead, Island Road in Reading.

It costs £4.60 a bag or 3 bags for £13.