Using a funeral director

Close up of funeral director's clasped hands.

A funeral director can arrange all aspects of the funeral service for you. They are there to give advice and support before, during and after the funeral.

Before hiring a funeral director, check that they belong to a trade association.

You can get an idea of the basic funeral director charges in your area by visiting the funeral choice website and entering your postcode. Not all funeral directors have their details on this site.

Do not make any arrangements until you are sure that the death does not have to be reported to the coroner.

More information about using a funeral director to arrange a funeral is available on GOV.UK - what to do after someone dies.


Some fees will be paid on your behalf by your funeral director. Always ask your funeral director for a written breakdown of the total cost of the funeral. This is so that you are clear on what has to be paid and for what.

If the cost of the funeral is likely to cause financial problems you can discuss this with the funeral director.

For more information about our fees and charges, see our cremation and cemetery fees and charges.

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