Memorial options

When someone you love dies, you may wish to commemorate them with a memorial.

Among the range of memorials available, one is sure to be right for you. However, remember that you do not have to rush into making a decision. At such a time, you probably need to pause and consider carefully what would be right for you and your loved one.

We recommend that you visit us in person to help you make your selection. Our dedicated and professional staff are here to help. They will be happy to show you the various options available.

Additional options

Photo plaques

Create a personal legacy when you add a ceramic portrait to your memorial tribute.

A state of the art process makes sure that the ceramic cameos keep their beauty indefinitely.

Artwork designs

Many of our granite memorials have the option of having hand-crafted and beautifully illustrated artwork to compliment the epitaph.

A full range of designs are available in various sizes and detail, from floral tributes and wildlife through to sports and hobbies. We can offer anything that helps to recognise the important moments in a person’s life.


All memorials are supplied on a lease and remain the property of Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium during and after the period of lease.

To make sure that we maintain a pleasant environment for all of our visitors, observe the following when visiting and placing tributes:

  • only cut flowers (without any wrappings) are permitted in the grounds of the Gardens of Remembrance
  • flowers may be placed on the grass in the Peace Garden, Silver Birch Copse and the Bluebell Wood

At the place where ashes have been scattered:

  • no item may be placed on or attached to any tree in the gardens
  • no other items are permitted in the gardens including pots, vases, glass, plastic flowers and tributes containing oasis
  • all items not permitted will be removed daily without notice
  • no planting or interference of the ground is permitted

Rose beds

To assist in the maintenance and the health of the roses only freshly cut flowers may be placed at the base of a rose tree.

No item may be placed on or attached to the rose itself or its stake. No planting is permitted whatsoever in the beds - particularly as this can damage the irrigation system.

Do not spray roses as this can interfere with the chemicals we use to treat pests and diseases.


Cards for specific occasions such as birthdays and Mother’s or Father’s Day may be placed in the gardens but will be removed after 3 days.

Christmas wreaths must only be placed around the Christmas tree which is normally installed next to the hall of remembrance 3 weeks before Christmas.

All Christmas related tributes are disposed of after Twelfth Night. No other items are permitted in the grounds and will be removed without notice.

Contact information

Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium


Phone: 01344 420314