Bracknell Forest Economic Strategy 2024 to 2034

Recent challenges have affected both local and national economies. These include the COVID-19 pandemic, EU exit (Brexit) and the invasion of Ukraine.

In the past 3 years, our local economy has shown resilience but has also shown several important weaknesses. Now is the perfect time to use Bracknell Forest's strengths to create a successful economy, targeting net zero emissions.

We have developed an economic strategy in collaboration with:

  • business representatives
  • education providers
  • community groups
  • other public sector organisations

Our vision

By 2034, we will be a growing and resilient economy that matches the best in Berkshire. We will:

  • support, attract and retain high-quality businesses
  • promote sustainable growth in clean and green, knowledge-based industries
  • provide economic opportunity with good, secure jobs for our people who have the skills to succeed

Our strategy

The strategy sets out this vision. It lays out the challenges, aims and actions for the economic development of our borough over the next 10 years.

The economic strategy focuses on 4 key areas.

Economic performance

This aims to improve declining productivity and local business knowledge. 

It also aims to protect the borough from the risks associated with large, foreign businesses moving out of Bracknell Forest.

Business competitiveness

This aims to improve resilience, including start-up survival rates. 

It also aims to grow businesses within certain sectors such as:

  • ICT
  • science
  • technology
  • film and TV

This will help improve competitiveness and secure the large employers of the future.

People, work and wellbeing

This aims to address skills gaps locally and encourage well-paid and secure employment for residents.

Place, climate change, infrastructure and connectivity

This aims to promote the borough as an excellent place to live and work. 

It will champion green business initiatives and showcase the borough’s many advantages such as:

  • great connectivity
  • good housing
  • schools
  • wonderful environment


We conducted a 6 week consultation last autumn. Following a review of the comments and suggestions received, the following changes were made to the strategy:

  • lobbying for enhanced public transport to support inward investment and accessibility
  • a stronger emphasis on helping small and medium sized enterprises to access business support
  • highlighting the specialist research and development businesses present in the borough

The new economic strategy for Bracknell Forest was approved by the Decision Making Executive on Tuesday 23 January.

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