Types of fostering

There are different kinds of fostering with varying levels of commitment required.

These could include:

Short term fostering

This can be looking after a child for any period of time from an overnight stay to up to two years.

The plan will always be to try and return the child or young person in your care to their own family. If this is not possible then we will look for long term carers.

Long term fostering

Sometimes children will not be able to return to live with their own families.

With older children, adoption may not be appropriate. Long term fostering will allow a child to grow up in a safe and supported family environment while retaining connections with their birth family.

Respite fostering

Respite fostering involves regularly supporting other foster carers by caring for a child for a short period of time, such as a weekend.

Supported lodgings

Supported lodgings carers provide a safe and supportive environment where young people aged 16 to 18 years can develop the skills needed to live independently as young adults.

The young person is usually in full time education, employment or training.

Short break fostering

Short break fostering involves helping care for a child with disabilities.

For more information on this visit our short break care page.

Parent and child fostering

Parent and child foster carers support and advise the parent (mother or father) of a baby or young child who is going through difficulties. The parent and their child are temporarily placed together in foster care with the aim of returning them to their own homes with support when ready.

For more information on this visit our parent and child fostering page.

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children are young people who have travelled to the UK alone, often fleeing war. They are typically adolescents who need support to adjust to life in the UK.

For more information on this visit our unaccompanied asylum seeking children page.

In addition to the above types of fostering, there is friends and family fostering. This is also known as connected persons fostering and is where care is provided by a relative or person already known to the child.

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