Participate in a council meeting

The council has a scheme in place to encourage public participation in its work.

This scheme gives the public the opportunity to tell councillors directly and at meetings of the council, about the things that concern them. All issues raised by the public under this scheme will be given careful consideration.

The content of any submission must be about something that is within the council’s responsibility. If you would like further guidance on this, contact Democratic Services.

Ways to get involved

Submit a petition

Present a petition at a council meeting in order to request that the council deal with any particular issue within the community. There is no minimum number of signatures.

Ask a question at a council meeting

This may be addressed to the Mayor, a Member of the Executive or a Chair of a Committee or Sub-Committee. The question must be about a council service or a topic relevant to the council.

Make a statement at a council meeting

The public may make a statement about a council service, about something the council has or has not done, or about a matter of local interest or concern.

Present a deputation to a council meeting

The public may call for action by the council, register a view about something the council has or has not done, or about a matter of community interest.

Who can participate

The scheme is open to any resident in the area covered by the council. The scheme is also open to a representative of a business operating in the council area.

The prospect of speaking at a formal meeting of the council may be daunting, every help and support will be made available to those who wish to use this scheme. The councillors and officers present will treat members of the public with courtesy and respect.

How to participate

Any submissions must be provided in writing by 10am, at least 6 working days before the council meeting that you would like it to be submitted to. They can be sent by:

For more details see the full scheme.

Specific public participation schemes

The following council meetings have their own specific public participation schemes:

Contact information

Democratic Services