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Antisocial behaviour

How to report

Report crime and serious incidents of antisocial behaviour, to Thames Valley Police on 101.

In an emergency, dial 999.

If you are a housing association tenant, in a non-emergency you should contact your housing officer to report antisocial behaviour.

If you are an owner-occupier or rent from a private landlord, you can report continuous nuisance behaviour using the report antisocial behaviour form.

You can also report the following types of antisocial behaviour to the council online:

You can report issues with underage sales and vandalism to public property to Customer Services.

Ongoing complaints

If you are experiencing ongoing antisocial behaviour, keep a diary. You should make note of the dates, times, what you see or hear and how the behaviour affects you. If you would like the council to investigate your complaint of ongoing antisocial behaviour you will be required to submit a minimum of 2 weeks of diary sheets.

You can download a diary sheet here:

The council works in partnership with the police and other agencies to tackle problems using different enforcement tools.

Please note the council will not get involved with civil matters. If appropriate, we can use independent mediators to help resolve problems such as neighbour disputes.

Contact information

Display Name Community Safety Team

In the event of an emergency please call Thames Valley Police on 999 or 101 in a non-emergency.

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