Introduction to domestic abuse training

Who this course is for

This is a multi agency course. It is for all those working in Bracknell Forest who have day to day contact with members of the general public. The training is suitable for those working with both adults and children. 

Course content

This face-to-face full day or half day virtual course is about understanding the issues associated with domestic abuse. The aim is to increase your knowledge and understanding of the issues so that you can respond to and support victims of domestic abuse.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand the dynamics of domestic abuse
  • identify additional issues faced by marginalised groups suffering domestic abuse
  • understand the extent and severity of domestic abuse
  • understand the reality of living with domestic abuse
  • identify and recognise possible indicators of domestic abuse
  • understand the complexities of leaving an abusive relationship
  • respond effectively to disclosures of domestic abuse
  • identify local policy and procedures to help victims of domestic abuse
  • understand how this learning may impact on your own work situation

Course details

This training will be delivered by Sophie Wing-King, Domestic Abuse Strategic Lead and Emma Gavin, Domestic Abuse Coordinator, Children's Social Care.


  • virtual sessions 9:30am to 1pm
  • face-to-face sessions 10am to 4:30pm


  • Monday 20 May 2024, face-to-face session
  • Monday 12 August 2024, virtual session
  • Tuesday 26 November 2024, face-to-face session
  • Thursday 6 February 2025, virtual session


  • virtual on Microsoft Teams
  • face-to-face sessions will be held at:
    • The Willows Family Hub (Children's Centre), Priestwood Youth Centre, Priestwood Court Road, Bracknell, RG42 1TU (free parking available immediately outside the Hub, lunch is not provided)

Cost: free (there is a charge of £50 for non-attendance or non-cancellation)

How to book

Bracknell Forest Council staff should book through iWorks. 

If you are not Bracknell Forest Council staff, email your booking request to:

About your booking

See below for information about your booking:

  • the deadline for booking your place is 7 days before the training
  • when making your booking, please protect the time in your calendar
  • a confirmation email will be sent once your place is confirmed
  • for virtual sessions your MS Teams invite will be sent several days before the training
  • for face-to-face sessions, no reminder will be sent

Terms and conditions

You may cancel your place up to 7 working days before the course.

If you fail to attend without notice you will be charged a £50 cancellation fee.

If you are unable to attend on the day because you are unwell, notify the course tutors. In this case, we will accept a delegate.

Domestic abuse is an emotive and difficult topic. While the course will be delivered sensitively, tutors can accept no responsibility for any distress caused.