Flood risk management

Under the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) the council became a lead local flood authority. This means we are responsible for managing flood risk. Our duties are listed below.

Develop, maintain, apply and monitor a local flood risk management strategy (LFRMS)

This includes:

  • an assessment of local flood risk
  • objectives for managing flood risk
  • measures to achieve these objectives

This strategy also provides information on how we will work with other risk management authorities. Our local strategy must be consistent with the national flood risk management strategy.

We have also produced a preliminary flood risk assessment. This was required by the Flood Risk Regulations (2009) and identifies high level flood risk within the borough. This assessment is a countywide analysis that considers past flooding and possible future flooding.

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Maintain a register and record of structures and features

We have created a register of structures and features which are likely to have a significant impact on flood risk. This includes structures such as walls or culverts.

To view the asset register please contact us.

Designation of features considered to be important for flood risk management

We have powers to designate structures that affect flooding in order to safeguard assets that are relied upon for flood risk management. Once a feature is designated, the owner must seek consent from Bracknell Forest Council to alter, remove or replace it.

Defra has produced a guidance note on the designation of features.

Investigate and report on significant floods

See our flood investigations page for details.