The electoral register and your credit score

Credit reference agencies who are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority can purchase the full electoral register. They can use this information to update their records.

This means that registering to vote at your address can impact on your credit score.

Updating credit scores

The full electoral register is published on 1 December. Each month between January and September there will then be a monthly update of any changes to the register.

When your updated details are sent to the credit reference agencies depends on what date you register to vote. Your registration must be completed by the cut off date to be included in the next month’s update.

For example, if you registered to vote on 10 January, your updated details would be included in the update sent to the credit reference agencies around 3 February.

If you registered to vote on 11 January, your updated details would be included on the update sent to credit reference agencies in March.

0 Registration deadline date Date register is updated from
1 Monday 13 December 2021 Tuesday 4 January 2022
2 Monday 10 January 2022 Tuesday 1 February 2022
3 Monday 7 February 2022 Tuesday 1 March 2022
4 Thursday 10 March 2022 Friday 1 April 2022
5 Thursday 7 April 2022 Tuesday 3 May 2022
6 Tuesday 10 May 2022 Wednesday 1 June 2022
7 Thursday 9 June 2022 Friday 1 July 2022
8 Friday 8 July 2022 Monday 1 August 2022
9 Wednesday 10 August 2022 Thursday 1 September 2022

Contact us at to check whether you are registered to vote.

Issues with a credit score

If there is an issue with your credit score, you can contact the credit reference agencies directly and ask them to update it.

These are the credit reference agency phone numbers so you can call them:

  • Experian - 0344 481 0800
  • Equifax – 0845 603 3000
  • CallCredit - 0330 024 7574

The electoral services team cannot call the credit reference agency for you.

You may need a letter which confirms you are registered. If you need this, contact us by emailing with your full name and address.

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