We are always looking to build relationships with local employers. We would love to hear from any employers that could offer:

  • mentoring
  • work tasters
  • work experience
  • site visits
  • mock interviews
  • paid employment

Our aim is to help people with learning disabilities and/or autism to prepare for, achieve and maintain meaningful employment. We want to improve employment outcomes for individuals who are unrepresented in the workforce but who have so much to offer.

We find that many people with a learning disability or autism want to work and do not want to be dependent on benefits. Paid employment can provide a sense of independence, both personal and financial, that they would not otherwise have. It allows them to make a wider circle of friends, earn money and put their skills to use in creative ways.

What we do for you

We work with businesses to assist our individuals in their new role. We understand that learning a new role may take a bit longer than usual or need a different approach. Our team will work with a company and their new employee until they can work independently. We are always only a phone call away to offer continued support if needed, or if there is a change in the role.

We can also advise on reasonable adjustments that may be required for the individual to achieve their full potential in the role.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you.

Email us at breakthrough.employment@bracknell-forest.gov.uk.