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Care calls

What is it?

Photo of older man on phone
A care call is where we ring you to check that you are okay.

You can choose the number of calls you receive and at what time of the day or night. The call(s) will be made by one of our friendly staff, making sure you receive that personal touch.

We can tailor a care call plan to meet your individual needs. A personal plan will give you the reassurance and peace of mind to live a full and independent life, safe in the knowledge that we are at hand 24 hours a day to provide all the support you require.

How does it work?

Simply contact us to discuss your personal circumstances and we can devise a care call plan which will address your concerns but also fit in with your lifestyle.

Who uses it?

Anybody may find these calls useful and you can pay to have them made to your home. The following people may find this service particularly useful:

  • people being released from hospital
  • individuals taking medication on a regular basis
  • people living alone
  • individuals at risk from (domestic) violence
  • people suffering from mental illness
  • individuals with no local support network
  • older people
  • families with young children
  • people suffering from dementia


There are a range of pricing options depending on your needs. These prices are for a minimum of one call a month.

Please note that all prices exclude VAT. Please call us if you require a personally tailored package.

Contact information

Forestcare Control Centre

Telephone Number 01344 786599


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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