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Lone working monitoring with Pocket Pal

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The lone worker monitoring service is an easy to use and effective way of monitoring individuals who work alone or in hazardous environments. It provides people with reassurance and peace of mind that they are not isolated.

Our Pocket Pal device can be used by lone workers to make sure of their safety.

How does it work?

The device is the size of a key fob and can be worn around the neck, attached to a set of keys or put into a pocket.

The user simply presses the button on the Pocket Pal to activate a call through to the control centre. The device contains a roaming SIM card so it will pick up the strongest signal available.

When a call is received by the control centre we will respond in a timely manner and take appropriate action.

The device also contains GPS technology which enables Forestcare to track and locate the user if they are in trouble.

We perform an information check on an annual basis. This will give you an opportunity to review data and tell us of any changes which need to be made.

Who uses it?

In today’s 24 hour environment we need to make sure of the safety of individuals working alone. It is the nature of many businesses – from self employed sole traders to large corporations – that individuals are sometimes required to work alone, visit unfamiliar sites and visit strangers. Therefore, the lone worker system will provide peace of mind to businesses of all sizes.


This includes 24 hour monitoring, 365 days a year. It also includes SIM card charges (dependent on level of use, additional charges may be incurred).

If service is terminated a £50 refund will be paid upon return of each device.

Please note that all prices exclude VAT. You may be exempt from paying VAT on Telecare equipment. Read guidance on VAT relief on GOV.UK.

Contact information

Forestcare Control Centre

Telephone Number 01344 786599


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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