Mobile GPS lifeline: Pocket Pal

The Pocket Pal is a mobile lifeline alarm which provides reassurance to family members and independence to vulnerable adults. It is a GPS-based device.

If the Pocket Pal user requires assistance, they simply activate the device which links to our dedicated 24 hour a day control centre. It can give users a renewed sense of independence with the confidence to leave their home, safe in the knowledge that help is available at the push of a button.

How it works

The Pocket Pal can be used both at home and while you are out and about.

The device is the size of a key fob and will easily sit in the palm of your hand. It can be worn around the neck, on a set of keys or can just as easily fit into a coat or trouser pocket.

It contains a roaming SIM card. Once the device is activated, it will pick-up the strongest mobile network and use this to put a call through to us.

The device has a button which can be used to raise an alert to Forestcare so we can find out what the problem is and arrange help. The device also contains GPS technology which enables Forestcare to locate the user if they get lost or have an accident, wherever they are.

The device also works on geofencing technology. This means we can set boundaries on a device, so if the user wanders outside the defined area, a call is automatically raised with the control centre. We can then get the appropriate help.

The Pocket Pal has a fall detector which will automatically activate a call through to us.

The device is available in 4 colours and comes with a charging cradle.

Who it's for

The users of our products may be:

  • anybody who feels vulnerable
  • those who suffer from falls
  • individuals who like to get out and about
  • those wishing to retain their independence
  • people with dementia who are prone to wandering
  • businesses and organisations that have people working alone
  • individuals with no local support network
  • people with disabilities
  • those with mental health problems
  • anybody suffering from chronic illness
  • those at risk of domestic violence


Please note that all prices include VAT.

To rent 1 Pocket Pal

(includes sim card and monitoring)

£8.71 per week

You may be exempt from paying VAT on Telecare equipment. Read guidance on VAT relief on GOV.UK.

Benefits of Forestcare

Choose us because we offer:

  • competitive prices
  • Telecare Services Association affiliation
  • next day repair and replacement service
  • 24 hour a day operation, 365 days a year
  • experienced, friendly staff with local knowledge
  • free, no obligation demonstration
  • consistently good performance and high customer satisfaction
  • respect for your individual rights and dignity

The service can be cancelled at any time. For full details see our Pocket Pal terms and conditions

Contact information

Forestcare Control Centre

Phone: 01344 786599


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week