Interest free loan for rail season ticket

This benefit is for eligible employees of Bracknell Forest Council.

The council aims to promote sustainable travel choices for journeys to and from work, and for business travel purposes. As part of this initiative the council offers an interest free loan for rail season tickets.

The loans are for a year with equal monthly deductions made directly from salary. The scheme is available for 12 monthly tickets.

As the council will pay the annual season ticket amount the benefit to employees is two-fold:

deductions will be made monthly from your salary, reducing the need to pay large amounts for travel in one lump sum

the purchase of an annual train ticket may result in discounted rates when compared with monthly or quarterly options

How to apply

To take out a season ticket loan please complete the season ticket loan application form.

This will be submitted to the HR team who will contact you when it has been received.

To get a quote for the price of a season ticket visit the National Rail enquiries website.

A season ticket will be requested from the train operator and sent to your home address (there will be an additional £2 postage charge). 

If you currently have a season ticket please include your photo card number on the application form.

This initiative is available at any time during the year.