Supply teaching in Bracknell Forest

We hold a list of teachers looking for supply work which is circulated to all our primary schools. To be included on the list you need to:

  • complete an application form and provide references
  • complete a medical questionnaire
  • have a DBS disclosure (the council will cover the cost of your DBS application)
  • have UK qualified teacher status and have completed any induction period
  • provide evidence of your qualification
  • provide evidence that you have the right to work in the UK

Make an application

For more information, please email

Finding a supply teaching position

Schools contact teachers from the supply list for known absences such as training days. The council does not operate as an agency as we are not resourced to take short notice bookings.

We recommend teachers, once cleared, visit or contact the schools where they would like to teach to make themselves known and make the school aware of availability, key stage strengths and so on.


Our supply list provides schools a suggested rate of pay (which will equate to your current grade on the Teachers' Pay Scales). However, under the new pay guidelines schools determine the pay rate. Your hourly rate should therefore be agreed prior to any booking.

The hourly rate is based on 1,265 hours of directed time available in the school year and gives you an enhanced rate to include holiday pay. Working time is as directed by the Headteacher of the school but a full day is generally paid as 6 and a half hours.

We pay in line with Teachers’ Pay Scales rather than a set daily amount usually offered by supply teacher agencies. If you work in Bracknell Forest, you will receive a higher rate of pay than in some neighbouring authorities as it includes the London Fringe Allowance.

Requirements for payroll record

When you work in a Bracknell school for the first time, the first school you work in needs to know certain information to allow a payroll record to be set up for you. The school will provide you with a time sheet to complete. Once you have completed and signed the form with the number of hours you have worked, return this to the school who will then forward it to the payroll department.

Payment frequency

Payments into your bank account are made on the last working day of the month. You will normally receive payment for the hours you have worked in the previous month, depending on the date your time sheet was submitted to the payroll department. 

The payroll department has a monthly deadline for information and changes. This is generally in the second week of each month.

Any subsequent hours will be paid in the payroll run in the following month. Your school will be able to give you details of the monthly payroll deadlines.

Teachers’ pensions

All supply teachers are automatically included in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. Your employer also contributes to the scheme.

If you are unsure of your pension status, contact the scheme on 0845 6066166 or online.

Contact information

School Recruitment Team