Digital magazines and newspapers

Get free access to thousands of magazines and newspapers on your PC, tablet or smartphone using PressReader.

PressReader offers access to:

  • over 7,000 e-newspapers and e-magazines from across the world in over 60 languages
  • over 100 UK and Irish newspapers include many of the UK daily newspapers such as The Guardian, Daily Mail and Telegraph, including weekend titles and supplements, and local newspapers
  • over 300 UK magazines covering everything from homes and gardens to sports and entertainment, even The Beano and The Week Junior for children

With PressReader you can:

  • download 20 titles a day to smartphone or tablet using the PressReader app or unlimited streaming on a computer using the PressReader website
  • access the last 3 months of publications

Titles hit PressReader as soon as they’re published, so you always have access to the freshest content.

You can print articles, listen to audio narration, and translate content from around the world in up to 18 languages.

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For help using PressReader, visit the PressReader help centre.

You can also look at our own guide on using PressReader.

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