Code Club volunteer role description

Call for volunteers

Code Club is coming back after a break.

We are looking for volunteers at Bracknell and Whitegrove libraries to help support our existing code club volunteer on a Saturday morning. 

We are also looking for help at Great Hollands and Crowthorne libraries.

If you can help, email to find out more.

The role

To help children aged 8 to 13 to gain computer coding, problem-solving, planning, design and collaboration skills.

This role is in collaboration with Code Club.

This role is suitable for you if:

  • you’re enthusiastic about encouraging children’s learning and problem-solving
  • you’re confident about using computers (although you don’t need coding skills – training will be provided)
  • you want to share your skills

As a Code Club volunteer, you will be:

  • volunteering alongside other volunteers to run a Code Club in a Bracknell Forest library
  • assisting children in small groups with Code Club projects which includes creating games, animations and websites
  • helping children learn a wide range of skills, including creative thinking and analyses’ skills
  • helping children work together to solve problems

Required skills, experience, interests and knowledge

You will need:

  • reliability and the ability to make a regular commitment to the library for the Code Club programme (12 weeks per programme)
  • availability for approx. 1½ hours per week during that programme
  • to be able to spend time preparing online for session, which can be done at any time and venue (including your home)
  • confidence in use of computers - you don’t have to be a “coding genius” as clubs start with simple programs like Scratch, but you need to be confident and willing to learn
  • interest in and commitment to helping children learn, and in emphasising the benefits to children (and their parents) of understanding computer coding

Benefits of volunteering

By volunteering in this role, you will get:

  • free training from Code Club: learn Scratch, HTML, CSS and Python programming languages
  • improved knowledge and skills of children’s development
  • a boost to your communication skills and confidence
  • friends and social contact
  • evidence for your CV
  • references for future employment

Hours of volunteering

Code Clubs at Bracknell Forest libraries currently run on Saturday mornings, usually from 10am to 11am.

We would like to run more Code Clubs at different times, as demand is high. Other session times including Saturday afternoons, may be offered in the future, in consultation with volunteers and library staff.

We ask for your commitment for at least 12 weeks (one school term), while more is appreciated due to high demand.


We are currently running our Code Clubs at Bracknell Central, Crowthorne, Sandhurst and Great Hollands libraries, but are delighted to receive interest in volunteering at any of our libraries.


No travel is expected for this role. If needed, volunteers can ask for reimbursement of reasonable expenses for travel.

Training and support

You will receive the following training:

  • induction, safety, safeguarding, general information about libraries
  • children’s safeguarding awareness
  • Code Club training

You will receive the following support:

  • regular contact with Library Supervisor and Code Club Coordinator
  • online support from Code Club; some face-to-face meetings nationwide organised by Code Club
  • opportunity to meet with other Bracknell Library volunteers

The volunteering process

First, register your interest with Bracknell Forest library service.

We will then send you an application form to fill in. At the same time, you should register with Code Club.

You will also need to:

  • attend at a short, informal interview/meeting
  • give us details of 2 references
  • complete simple online Code Club training

We will process the required Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Scheme check for you for free.

After making an application

If your volunteering application is successful, once we have your references and a satisfactory DBS check, we will agree your training and session start dates and times for your role.

You will also be contacted by Code Club once you have registered, and provided with their information.

More information

For more information, you can email and from Code Club.

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