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Am I eligible for care and/or support?

We will decide whether you are eligible for support based on the eligibility criteria set out by the Department of Health.

This criteria includes the following:

  • your needs must be a result of a physical or mental health condition
  • because of these needs you cannot achieve 2 or more specified outcomes
  • as a result of this, there is likely to be a significant impact on your wellbeing

The specified outcomes include:

  • basic living skills, such as dressing
  • making sure you are safe in your own home
  • being able to use your local community, such as public transport
  • being able carry out any caring responsibilities, such as for a child

How the assessment will work

The assessment will look at:

  • how your needs impact on your wellbeing
  • what you would like to achieve in your daily life

We will assess your care and support needs with you, and decide if they are at the level where you are eligible for support.

If you have eligible needs, we will discuss how you would like these met. This will be based on the information you gave us during your assessment. As far as possible we will agree your care and support plan with you.

If you do not have eligible needs, we will give you information and advice about local care and support that is available to help you. This could be help from local charities or voluntary organisations for example.

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