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In-year request to delay entry (not summer born)

The local authority believes that children can be accommodated in their chronological year group and the teachers will differentiate the teaching within the classes. When receiving a request for a delayed entry into an already formed year group for a child the admission authority would need to satisfy itself that among other things:

  • the child shows a significant delay and little progress in their personal and emotional development and social skills appropriate for a younger peer group
  • the child shows significant delay and little progress in intellectual development/ educational skills across the subject areas, to an extent that it is not reasonable to expect curriculum differentiation within their correct year group to be successful
  • the child’s physical maturity is unlikely in the future to make them developmentally different from their proposed peer group in such a way as to impact negatively on their self-esteem/self-awareness
  • there is a clear understanding about why the child’s needs will be met more effectively out of their chronological year group than would be possible within and the parent/s, the school and all professionals involved agree that this is the best provision for the child

If a parent requests a delayed entry into an already formed year group the local authority will make decisions for community and voluntary controlled schools based on the circumstances of each case and in the best interests of the child concerned. Where preferences are expressed for own admission authority schools, the local authority will pass this request to them.

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