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New councillors take part in a full induction programme.

You will have access to a learning and development programme. You will be given the opportunity to discuss the skills that you would like to develop.

To help you carry out your duties you will be able to use the Members’ support staff in Democratic Services. This team will provide administrative support.

You can also call on advice and information from other council officers. This will include Democratic Services officers who may well be the people you see most often at council and committee meetings as they will write the minutes.

You will have access to a computer and other equipment, depending on your role.

Allowances and expenses

You are entitled to receive a basic allowance to cover your general duties as a councillor. You may also receive a special responsibility allowance for particular duties you undertake, for example if you are elected chairman of a particular committee. You can also claim expenses.

Information about expenses and allowances can be found in the council’s member allowances scheme in the council's constitution.

The council decides its own scheme of allowances and expenses to reflect the role and responsibilities of councillors in Bracknell Forest.

An Independent remuneration panel oversees the allowance scheme and sets out recommendations to help the council make its final decision.

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