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Preparation for the upgrade

We will deliver letters to all affected residents nearer to the time of installation.

Overhanging branches and foliage

An additional letter will be sent to those residents where overhanging trees branches and/or foliage protruding from their gardens is obscuring the streetlight. Residents will be asked to ensure that overhanging trees and/or foliage is cut back sufficiently. This will help our contractor to carry out the works safely.

If you have existing lamp columns near your property boundary please help us by trimming or pruning them back at least 2 to 3 months before we install the new lamp post. The diagrams below show the areas to be kept clear and how to cut branch or hedges away from existing lamp posts:

When you upgrade the lighting, can you move the lamp post?

If we are replacing a concrete column with a steel one we can reposition the new column within 2 metres of the current location.

Please email us at or call us on 01344 352000 to arrange this. We will visit your property prior to the installation of the new lamp column.

Do I need to move my car while the work is taking place?

If you park your car or business vehicle close to or under a streetlight that is going to be upgraded we will ask you to move your vehicle. If you cannot move your vehicle because you are away or you have nowhere else to park we will try and work around you.

Are all lights going to be replaced as part of this project?

The conversion to LED for existing ‘Heritage’ and ‘Old Style Traditional‘ decorative lighting posts and light standards will not form part of this project. They will be considered carefully and may be upgraded at a later date. Lights owned by Bracknell Forest Homes will not be replaced.

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