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Why do I need to re-register a birth?

You may need to re-register your child if:

You have married the father/second parent since the birth

If you have married the father/second parent in the UK since the birth, you should re-register the birth to show the new status of both you and your child. You need to re-register even if the second parent’s details were shown in the original registration. Either the mother or the father/second parent can re-register the birth.

The birth was registered showing only the mother’s details

If the birth was registered showing only the mother’s details, the details of the father/second parent can be added at any time. Both parents must attend the re-registration, or a declaration of parentage must be obtained from a solicitor.

If the baby was born outside of the registered district, you can re-register the baby by declaration. We will send the declaration to the correct register office who will then re-register the birth and issue your certificates. If you would like us to do this for you, please check what method of payment is accepted by the district that the child is being registered.

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