Council Plan 2023 to 2027

Growing together, shaping tomorrow.

A message from our Leader

Our vision for the next 4 years is:

Putting residents first and working together to grow sustainable, resilient, and inclusive communities.

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Our borough

Learn about Bracknell Forest and the context of our Council Plan.

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The role of the Council Plan

The Council Plan sets out the overall ambition for what we want to achieve for and with residents, businesses and partners.

It doesn’t include everything we do but it outlines the activities and actions that we will focus on. It sets out what we will prioritise as a council in the borough over the next 4 years.

It is a key document for the council and the plan will be delivered through the annual service plans, the council’s budget and specific strategies.

Our vision

Our vision for the borough is where we put residents first, working together to grow sustainable, resilient, and inclusive communities.

Our priorities

The Council Plan for 2023 to 2027 will focus on 3 borough priorities to achieve this ambition:

Engaged and healthy communities

Our role is to help create opportunities where people can succeed, be happy and feel safe.

Explore our community priorities

Thriving and connected economy

The local economy includes many different aspects, such as businesses, jobs, skills, accommodation, and services.

Explore our economic priorities

Green and sustainable environment

Our environment includes everything around us, our parks, our cycleways and our road networks.

Explore our environmental priorities

Delivering our ambition

To deliver these priorities, we have identified a series of operational principles for how we will work. This is also guided by our core values to be inclusive, ambitious and always learning.

The Council Plan sets out a fourth priority to be an ambitious, resilient and sustainable organisation. This will enable us to achieve our goals.

Find out more about how we plan to deliver our ambition.

Underpinning principles

Throughout the plan there are cross cutting principles that will underpin the work that is delivered. These identify priorities across all the goals and themes of the plan and provide focus for the outcomes to be achieved.

Find out more about our underpinning principles.

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