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BBCF lead team terms of reference

1. Bracknell Forest Council (the Council, representing the Berkshire unitary authorities) has set up the BBCF Lead Team. The team exists to help the Council meet it’s duties under the Civil Contingencies Act and broader ambitions to promote business continuity management and community resilience to organisations in Berkshire and adjacent counties.

2. Membership of the Lead Team is completely voluntary. The Council or BBCF do not issue payment for any Lead Team Members contributions, but does receive all help and contribution gratefully.

3. Lead Team members come from a range of backgrounds. Whilst business continuity and wider resilience knowledge and expertise is valued, it is not essential.

4. The Lead Team, which will be chaired, ideally by a representative from the local business or voluntary sector community, will, together with the Emergency Planning function from the Council or other Berkshire authorities, steer the Lead Team to design the strategic forward planning of the Forum’s activities.

5. Any existing member of the Lead Team can invite new prospective Lead Team members to attend an initial Lead Team meeting. It is expected that the prospective new member will introduce themselves and provide details of what they can offer to the Lead Team. Acceptance onto the Lead Team requires a majority vote at a quorate Lead Team meeting.

6. Members of the BBCF Lead Team should aim to: raise awareness and encourage membership of the BBCF; attend BBCF events; maintain regular communication to Forum Members; and contribute to the proactive design, development and delivery of the Forum’s activities.

7. The Forum’s type and frequency of activities may vary, but are intended to be based around a quarterly meeting open to all BBCF members that provides BBCF members with a networking opportunity and supports the Forum’s ambition of promoting business continuity management and community resilience.

8. In order to fulfil these objectives, the Lead Team will need to meet at a minimum of once per month, usually for 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, during the lead up to major events, additional planning meetings, sub-groups, conference calls or emails may be required.

9. Lead Team members are encouraged to attend every Lead Team meeting. However, it is appreciated that other business commitments may preclude attendance. Attendance at a monthly meeting per quarter will secure your membership of the Lead Team. Failure to attend at least one monthly meeting per quarter for two or more quarters in a 12-month period may result in your removal from the Lead Team. Removal will be at the discretion of the Chair and with agreement of the Council.

10. The Council or BBCF do not facilitate payment for Lead Team meeting venues. Lead Team meetings may be conducted via conference call – a physical meeting is not compulsory.

11. It is appreciated that as volunteers to the Lead Team, you may have other commitments. However there is an expectation that if action points are awarded to you, or if you take it upon yourself to volunteer to fulfil particular elements of work on behalf of the BBCF, that these tasks will be completed – it is inevitable that this will take time outside of the Lead Team meetings (as mentioned above). If you feel unable to complete tasks please let the Chair know and work can be reallocated and/or your position on the Lead Team reviewed.

12. The role that you take within the Lead Team may vary from event to event. That said, the Lead Team has certain pre-defined roles. Currently they are;

  • Chair
  • Membership Secretary and Treasurer (must be from the Council)

13. The Chair of the BBCF, when elected by the Lead Team, should only serve a term of 3 years, with the option to stand again for a further term. Therefore any one chair can only stand for a maximum of 6 years. If the individual fulfils the maximum 6-year term as Chair, this does not exclude them from maintaining a position on the Lead Team.

14. In the event of the Chair not being present or available, another Lead Team member will control the Lead Team meeting.

15. The Lead Team will always have representation and support from its founding organisation, the Council, represented by the Emergency Planning function.

16. A quorum of 3 members for decision making purposes, which must include at least one member from the Council at monthly Lead Team meetings.

17. A brief written record of the Lead Team meeting will be made and a copy provided to all attendees via e-mail and through the webpage.

18. Membership of the Lead Team will be reviewed on an on-going basis. There is no obligation on your behalf to sign up for a given period of time, likewise, the Council retain the right to alter the membership of the Lead Team in order to best suit the needs of the BBCF and local community.

19. If you are not able to attend a Lead Team meeting please inform the Chair, and/or the Emergency Planning function from the Council, as soon as possible.

20. If you are no longer able to fulfil your role as a member of the Lead Team please inform the Chair, and the Emergency Planning function from the Council, as soon as possible.

21. These Terms of Reference will be reviewed by the council’s Emergency Planning Manager and agreed by the BBCF Lead Team at a minimum of once per Chairpersons term.

All members of the Lead Team will sign a copy of the Statement of Intent, as set out below.

Statement of intent

Members of the Lead Team are expected to behave in an appropriate manner when representing the BBCF. As such, all members are asked to agree to the following points:

  • members of the Lead Team will be professional at all times when representing BBCF
  • any information supplied to you as part of the Lead Team, will be used for BBCF purposes only and not for personal or corporate gain
  • no member of Lead Team will impeach upon the terms of reference, as set out above
  • members of the Lead Team will not attempt to profit from BBCF activities - professional leads may be followed up, if they do not conflict with the ethos of BBCF, and are agreed by the Chair and the council’s Emergency Planning team
  • members of the Lead Team will not bring the BBCF into disrepute
  • members of the Lead Team will uphold financial probity in their own financial dealings

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