Report overhanging vegetation on private land

Use this form to report vegetation on private land overhanging a road or pavement.

Select "obstruction" from the drop down list of road issues in the form.

If you are reporting an emergency or an issue that you consider to be dangerous, call Customer Services on 01344 352000 rather than completing the form.

Response times

Land not belonging to Bracknell Forest Council

All reports are considered and prioritised. The more detail we have the more likely there will be an early response (see above). During the growing season the number of reports is such that it can be several weeks before a property is visited.

Once visited, if action is warranted, 28 days is allowed for the owner to rectify the problem. Should this not happen, the council may serve a formal notice on the resident under Section 154 of the Highways Act (1980). If the council still hasn't received a response, the contractor can be instructed and will normally schedule the work within 28 days. Once the works are complete, the council will seek to recover its costs for carrying out the works from the property owner.

Bracknell Forest Council land

Where action is warranted on Bracknell Forest Council owned land, it will be passed to our contractors to address within 28 days of notification.

Report overhanging vegetation on council-owned land