Street tree removal register

Most trees near buildings don't cause any damage. 

For information about subsidence and tree root damage, read our tree issues page

If a street tree is causing a nuisance or damage, we may have to remove it. 

For example, sometimes tree roots can cause or contribute to building subsidence on clay soils. 

Where a survey by a qualified professional proves a council-owned tree is causing nuisance, damage or subsidence, we need to take action.

We will first consider engineering and pruning solutions to preserve the tree.

If it appears there's no option but to remove the tree, we will consult residents on the proposal. This is in line with the Environment Act 2021

Register of street tree removals

Register of street tree removals
Consultation reference Location Consultation status
001 Bay Road, Bracknell Open - visit our Bay Road consultation page

Trees not included

We do not need to consult on the following:

  • trees on publicly owned or managed land next to a highway, such as parks and council housing estates
  • trees next to unadopted roads
  • trees with less than 8cm trunk diameter
  • dead trees
  • dangerous trees or trees that need to be felled under the Plant Health Act 1967
  • trees that are causing an obstruction where we need to make a reasonable adjustment in line with the Equality Act 2010
  • trees that need to be felled so that we can carry out development authorised by planning permission in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990

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