Wildlife and biodiversity

A bug and bee box in a flowering garden

Wildlife and nature map

You can explore our range of wildlife and nature using our online map.

Once you have opened the map, open the menu on the left-hand side and select 'choose map layers'. You can then select from a range of options to view on the map.

View the wildlife and nature map

No feeding please

We understand that feeding the ducks, geese and swans is a popular activity for families.

People may give only a little food. But, thousands of visitors feeding wildlife in our parks has consequences for the wildlife that lives there.

Protecting park wildlife

Collecting fruit and fungi

Community orchards

There are opportunities to collect fruit (once ripe) at our community orchards:

Be considerate of other park users and only take enough fruit for yourself.


During autumn, green spaces have all sorts of weird and wonderful fungi, berries and nuts.

Please remember to leave some of these seasonal offerings untouched. It provides an important food source for animals, such as birds and mammals.